The Mist-ery

We are all a Mist-ery. Our Waters are coded with specific genetic information that acts as the Blueprint to a map. As we awaken to ourselves, we remember who we are as we access the deepest parts of our inner Well.

My name is Jilly (Jillian), aka Water Priestess and this is how my Being remembered the Mist-ery of Water.

Do you remember your first Water experience? Of being in your Mother’s Womb? As we take this journey with Water, we Return to our Origins.

Like my ancestors before me, I grew up in a small town San Luis Obispo, California. My family’s indigenous lineage can be traced all the way back to the 1400’s in San Luis Obispo, when the Spanish colonized the land of my ancestors. Throughout the centuries, my Native American bloodline was blended with the bloodlines of various cultures — including Mexican, Spanish, French, African American, and German.

I was raised by a single mom who played both roles with the majority of my childhood on a ranch where we had cattle, horses, chickens, ducks, and pigs etc. My roots with the land flow deeply in the Central Coast.

Growing up on a secluded ranch, allowed me to develop a deeper relationship with Nature. I was a quiet, antisocial child who kept to herself with a home life that was far from normal. 

My mother raised us ‘Free’, she didn’t push any religion on us and wanted us to find our own faith. 

 At age 17, I decided to move out and became a Preschool Teacher and with no guidance I pursued a college degree in Psychology. In order to qualify for the Native American scholarship that I applied for, I had to get a DNA test.

This experience learning my ancestry triggered my First Wave of Awakening as I learned more about my indigenous lineage, which includes Hopi, Navajo, Mayan, Cherokee, and more. 

I was the first in my family to attend a University, having moved to Southern California to attend CSULB. However, the combination of a lack mentality and a desperation led me to drink a lot and party during my college years. I had also been on ADHD medication and was on depression and Bipolar meds. At one point, I lived out of my car and was also on welfare, though I hid it from everyone. This was my rock bottom. I was stuck DEEP in a toxic cycle of self- sabotage and I didn’t know how to break free of it.

My next Wave of Awakening happened when I was 22. I found out that my womb was riddled with cancerous ovarian cysts. It was around that time that I discovered Kangen Water.

I thought Water was just Water. I assumed it was a scam like everyone else and refused to drink it. After hearing about it through some parents of the children with Autism I was caring after, I decided to try it. After detoxing and having my period for 3 weeks straight, I went back to the doctor for my laparoscopy surgery, they told me that my cysts were GONE. As I shared with them my experience with Kangen Water, they all told me it was a scam and could never do what it did.


This fact, combined with my realization that doctors don’t know everything, led me to wake up to the truth about the Medical System and I wanted to learn EVERYTHING I could about Water.

I became passionate about Kangen water and started telling everyone I knew about it’s healing properties, with the hope that more people would allow it to work its magic for them. As you might expect, I was met with all kinds of resistance. People said it was a scam and that it didn’t work. But I knew my Truth and I devoted myself to sharing it no matter what people thought. And that’s how I started my Water business in 2013.

As I grew my business… and in my Water Awakening, I quickly realized that the old paradigm of sales and marketing didn’t resonate with me at all. But, I didn’t know where or who to turn to for guidance. I had so much passion flowing through me, but no direction or mentors to show me the Conscious way of building a business. I just had to push through on my own.

Eventually, I started studying the Science of Kangen Water and that led me to transition to a full Alkaline Lifestyle. Once I became Vegan, I felt my awakening enhance in leaps and bounds. Again, I had grown up raising animals to eat them, so this switch to a Vegan lifestyle was completely life-changing for me. 

Armed with nothing more than my new sense of Self and my backpack, I decided to head to Japan, where I could learn firsthand about Kangen Water. I threw myself into the deep end, so to speak. I became fascinated with Water in all forms and it was a transformative experience in Okinawa. Japan while visiting the Kangen water company Enagic’s headquarters that led me into my embodiment of the Water Path.

I then traveled to South America and tested water – not only from springs, but from the miracle waters. I wanted to know what the best waters were and to really understand the powers of water in my life. Bathing in these Hot Springs allowed me to commune with the Spiritual aspect of Water even deeper. This was also the time I started a relationship with Plant Medicine.

When I got back from my first Water pilgrimage, I had a huge awakening to Sexual Trauma from my childhood that I never knew was there. Something happened within my being that unlocked a flood of codes. I went through a period of psychosis, writing on my walls and connecting drops. It was like something within me awakened.

Part of my healing was the hidden scarcity and lack in my Water business. I attended all of the success seminars and did “all the things”. But things still didn’t feel right. I realized the problem was that I was listening to people who weren’t spiritually awake, so the things they were teaching me weren’t aligned with the path I was on. 

I went through a lot breaking free from my karmic Ancestral lack, shame, and scarcity templates. 

I was able to finally break free of my scarcity mindset I’d had since childhood, dig myself out of over $40K in debt, and do some much-needed ancestral healing. 

I had made my transition into a Water Priestess and finally started living my truth about the Water and the power we all have to channel Water in our life and business.

Spiritual Business Mentor

Water Alchemist

Water Programmer

What I Believe and Practice

I believe that water is Source. As one of the four main elements, water is a building block for life and for energy. 

Water is both conscious and consciousness. It’s also a representation of the Divine Feminine that nourishes and nurtures us. 

Water is both inside of us and all around… and once we awaken to its powers – in our mind, bodies, spirit, finances, and even in our sexuality – we are ready to receive the infinite magic that water can create in our lives. 

Water is sacred. 

So is money and business. 

We don’t have to separate spirituality from business. In fact, doing so keeps us stuck. 

Once we realize that life, energy, and money are all in a constant state of flow (just like water), we’re able to manifest some amazing things.

My Lifestyle

Water has been communicating with me my whole life but I didn’t always listen. Once I started to listen, the water started to tell me that it is part of all parts of my life. 

Now that my water consciousness has awakened, my daily life has shifted. 

I live in the Current moment – in my alignment.

This fluid way of living allows me to see, through the Water Lens, my divine reflection. I innerstand that everything withOUT is withIN me, which allows me to take responsibility, instead of living as a victim. 

Living in the Current allows me to: 

  • Access abundance from Source
  • Magnetize and receive abundance codes
  • Merge with life instead of separate from life
  • Hydrate myself instead of dehydrate
  • Sea the mirror-cle of my life
  • Sea the glass half full instead of half empty
  • Sea life as an eternal fountain, ever-flowing
  • Liberate myself from time
  • Channel multiple streams of income
  • Redirect the current of currentsea
  • Build hydrogen bonds with people that are built on trust
  • Live in my right brain where I see the possibilities of everything, instead of the left brain (which is focused only on what is NOW)
  • Live in the Realm of the Unknown without needing to control/quantify the current or abundance
  • Live in the Current of Curiosity 
  • Allow the possibility to manifest into the reality
  • Harness the unknown into the known
  • Connect back to my playful, inner self. 
  • Utilize my left brain without being controlled by it

What I Do

I believe it is my divine assignment to restore the eternal waters of Nu Earth/Higher Earth by embodying the water path in all areas of life. 

I do this by helping people all over the world reconnect to source, honor water, and allow it to work in their lives in beautiful ways that they may have never imagined. 

I believe that we’re all powerful in our own right, but that when we come together that power is multiplied exponentially. 

Together, we can usher society more fully into the global awakening that we’re all on the brink of. 

I’m so grateful that you have found your way to me and hope that I can help make your journey easier and more in flow.

Love and Flow, 


Feel Called to Serve as a Water Waker?

Do you feel a strong connection to water that you can’t quite explain? Does it call you in powerful and persistent ways? If so, you might be a water being – a specific group of people who are meant to deeply explore and share the truths about water with the world. We have a watery origin that we’re being reawakened… and it’s time to listen.